Introducing the Plenary Speakers

We are please to have a true variety of colleagues come to share with us this year, including our plenaries.  We've known Maggie since 2014, when we first met her at another conference we organised here in Slovakia. We love Maggie, because Maggie is one of us. Besides that, she's an amazing teacher and teacher... Continue Reading →

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The Poetry Competition

All delegates are invited to enter our first poetry competition! First place wins 50 EUR, the two runners up receive 25 EUR – in cash! Each participant may submit one (1) original poem (which need not rhyme) with a title, written in English and directly related to either the theme of the conference or something... Continue Reading →

ICT in ELT Workshops

Milan Szekely: “At the moment, I work for Amazon and I am involved in activities and projects focusing on Training, Instructional Design and Distance learning. In the (near) future, I would like to work on projects promoting game-based learning platforms and non-text based interactive social learning that I have had a lot of experience with... Continue Reading →

Upper Secondary Workshops

Sandra Grujevska: “ESL teacher and manager of the Language Center "Step by Step" from Skopje, Macedonia. I earned my BA in English Language Teaching at University American College Skopje and my MA in International Relations on the topic of Non-Formal Educational. I have been teaching English language to children and adults for almost 10 years.... Continue Reading →

Lower Secondary Workshops

Jen MacArthur is the Regional English Language Officer (RELO) based at the U.S. Embassy in Belgrade, Serbia and covering the following countries: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Czech Republic (Czechia), Croatia, Estonia, Hungary, Kosovo, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia (FYROM), Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, and Slovenia. She previously served as the RELO in Islamabad and Mexico City.... Continue Reading →

Young Learner Workshops

Appearing in random order: Claire Porter: “I am a teacher and teacher trainer at the British Council in Bratislava where I teach different ages and levels. I have been teaching English since 2003 and I previously worked in Spain. I completed the Trinity Diploma and the Trinity TYLEC (Teaching Young Learners Extension Certificate) while working... Continue Reading →

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